Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of October 25, 2015

1. Why Men Should Also Worry About Waiting Too Long To Have Kids, Washington Post
[N]ew research suggests that many problematic genetic conditions may be more closely linked to the age of the father than the mother.

2. For Richer, Not Poorer: Marriage And The Growing Class Divide, US News and World Report
Researchers estimate that between one-fifth and two-fifths of the growth in family income inequality is due to a difference in marriage patterns between Americans of higher and lower socioeconomic status.
3. Divorce Rate In The U.S.: Geographic Variation, 2014, BGSU National Center for Marriage and Family Research
The divorce rate has dropped by almost a quarter (23%) in the past 35 years--the lowest it has been since 1970.

4. Are Parents Less Happy? Are Couples With Children Less Happy?, Sliding vs. Deciding Blog
Rather, we have pretty thin measures of personal and couple-level happiness that likely don't capture something many people experience when it comes to fulfillment and meaning in life that I'd call happiness as a family.

5. Can Marriage Heal a Broken Heart? Researchers Find Married Patients Fare Better After Heart Surgery, ABC News
According to the study, those who were unmarried had a 40 percent greater chance of dying or developing a new disability two years after their surgery. 

6. Family Structure Matters — Science Proves It, National Review
[S]tates with higher levels of married parenthood enjoy higher levels of growth, economic mobility for children growing up poor, and median family income, along with markedly lower levels of child poverty.

7. A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls, New York Times
Boys are more sensitive than girls to disadvantage. Any disadvantage, like growing up in poverty, in a bad neighborhood or without a father, takes more of a toll on boys than on their sisters. 

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