Sunday, November 24, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of November 17, 2013

1. Jobs Are Making Women Wait To Have Kids, But Not For the Reason You Think, TIME
[S]cientists found that the likelihood that women were moms by the age of 35 was reduced for every year the women spent picking up work on a temporary or casual basis.

2. The War on Poverty: What Went Wrong, The Brookings Institution
Worse, poor and poorly educated adults are much more likely to have nonmarital births than wealthier and better educated adults, creating another pathway for the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

3. Hook-up Apps Like Tinder Have Killed Romance On Campus, The Guardian
Recently GQ hailed Tinder as "the hottest dating app going". . . The tagline for Tinder is "find out who likes you in your area" and everything rests on the impression that your photo leaves.

4. Couple's Marriage Skits Go Viral On YouTube Channel, 'Modern Marriage Moments', Deseret News
"One of the goals is to show that even though we go through these moments, which everybody does, that there's still hope and that there's still a way to stay together and work it out," Brandon said.

5. New Spanish-Language Website on Relationship and Marriage Education for California Hispanics, The Sacramento Bee
"Of the nearly 30,000 participants in our RME classes over the past 12 months, 50% have been Spanish speakers," reports K. Jason Krafsky, HRC's director of communications and marketing.

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6. Women's Marriage Optimism Doesn't Bode Well For Their Relationships, Study Find, The Huffington Post 
Having realistic expectations for your marriage is better than inflated optimism -- this according to a new study which claims wives who are highly optimistic about the strength of their relationship are more likely to be dissatisfied later on.  

7. The Forever Initiative: A Feasible Public Policy Agenda to Help Couples Form and Sustain Healthy Marriages and Relationships, The Heritage Foundation
He outlines an integrated set of feasible and affordable educational initiatives across the early life course, beginning in youth, continuing in early adulthood, during cohabitation, engagement, and through the early years of marriage, as well as for couples at the crossroads of divorce.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of November 10, 2013

1. Modern Love Is More About Algorithms Than 'Witchcraft', National Public Radio 
Fifty-nine percent of all Internet users say they believe online dating is a sensible way to meet people and make matches. That's up 15 points from 2005.

2. Norway's Mission Reposition: State Says Date Nights Key To Good Marriage, The Guardian
[M]arried men and women who have "couple time" at least weekly were 3.5 times more likely to report being very happy in their marriages than those who struggled to spend time together.

3. Marriage Makes Our Children Richer—Here's Why, The Atlantic
Young people from less-privileged homes are more likely to graduate from college and earn more if raised by two married parents.

4. It's A Marriage Market, The Star Online
In a society with a growing number of women seeking education, many urban women are postponing marriage to have careers, which has many parents going to extreme measures, such as the “marriage market” in People’s Square, to pair up their sons and daughters.

5. Is Social Media The New Wingman For Singles?, Pew Research Center
Almost a third (31%) of social media users have checked up on someone they used to date on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is true for almost half (48%) of those ages 18-29.

6. Friday Five by Bill Coffin, Institute for Family Studies
Five articles I recommend from around the web, including Women Can Have It All – But They’ll Likely Pay A Mommy Penalty For It, NBCNews.

7. Marriage Success May Depend on Wife’s Temperament, KTLA 5
[P]artnerships in which wives had greater control of their emotions, calmed down more quickly during an argument and used constructive communication were ultimately more satisfying and successful.

For more, see Do Wives Bear More Responsibility for Marital Happiness? at The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of October 27, 2013

1. Gallup: Marriage Could Be Great Economic Stimulus, US News & World Report
[M]arried Americans spend, on average, $102 a day. That's slightly more than the $98 spent by people in domestic partnerships and far higher than the $74 spent by divorced Americans, $67 by those who are single and never married, and $62 by widows and widowers.

2. Broken Homes, Broken Boys, Los Angeles Times
It just may be that boys growing up where fathers — and men more generally — appear superfluous confront an existential problem: Where do I fit in? Who needs me, anyway?

3. 'Deseret News Sunday Edition' Looks At Marriage-Strengthening Programs. . ., Deseret News
Watch Segment 1: The Forever Initiative

4. 5 Reasons Why People Are Getting Married Later And Later In Life, Business Insider
Far more people are living together.   
People also live alone more and for longer periods.
There are fewer "shotgun" marriages. 
More people go to college. 
People have smaller families. 

5. Marriage As A 'Luxury Good': The Class Divide In Who Gets Married And Divorced, NBC News
“We’re setting a higher bar for marriage today,” Wilcox said. “That bar is not easily met for working class and poor women and men.”

6. Divorce Is Good And Other Myths: Column, USA Today
To overcome problems, both partners must want to stay married; the hitch is that our non-judgmental culture greases their paths out the door instead of encouraging deep introspection.

7. Get Together For The Kids, VOX: Research-Based Policy Analysis and Commentary from Leading Economists (EU)
Marriage is the commitment mechanism that supports high levels of investment in children and is hence more valuable for parents adopting a high-investment strategy for their children.

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