Monday, November 18, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of November 10, 2013

1. Modern Love Is More About Algorithms Than 'Witchcraft', National Public Radio 
Fifty-nine percent of all Internet users say they believe online dating is a sensible way to meet people and make matches. That's up 15 points from 2005.

2. Norway's Mission Reposition: State Says Date Nights Key To Good Marriage, The Guardian
[M]arried men and women who have "couple time" at least weekly were 3.5 times more likely to report being very happy in their marriages than those who struggled to spend time together.

3. Marriage Makes Our Children Richer—Here's Why, The Atlantic
Young people from less-privileged homes are more likely to graduate from college and earn more if raised by two married parents.

4. It's A Marriage Market, The Star Online
In a society with a growing number of women seeking education, many urban women are postponing marriage to have careers, which has many parents going to extreme measures, such as the “marriage market” in People’s Square, to pair up their sons and daughters.

5. Is Social Media The New Wingman For Singles?, Pew Research Center
Almost a third (31%) of social media users have checked up on someone they used to date on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is true for almost half (48%) of those ages 18-29.

6. Friday Five by Bill Coffin, Institute for Family Studies
Five articles I recommend from around the web, including Women Can Have It All – But They’ll Likely Pay A Mommy Penalty For It, NBCNews.

7. Marriage Success May Depend on Wife’s Temperament, KTLA 5
[P]artnerships in which wives had greater control of their emotions, calmed down more quickly during an argument and used constructive communication were ultimately more satisfying and successful.

For more, see Do Wives Bear More Responsibility for Marital Happiness? at The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

For more, see here.

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