Monday, May 18, 2015

The M.Guy Tweet, May 10, 2015

1. The Bad News (Poverty) And Good News (Education) About Millennial Parent, The Wall Street Journal
Since 2009, the share of impoverished young people has been higher than at any other point in the past 25 years.

2. Fewer Educated Women Are Choosing To Skip Having Kids, PBS
However, childlessness among women between the ages of 40 and 44, regardless of education, is “at the lowest point in a decade,” the study says.

3. Census Bureau Decides To Keep Marriage Questions On Survey, Pew Research Center
Under pressure from academics and advocates, the U.S. Census Bureau has abandoned plans to delete a series of questions about marriage and divorce from its largest household survey.

4. Why Millennials Might Be Having Less Sex Than Their Parents, TIME
Even more shocking? The study says one in three 20-somethings have never had sex at all.

5. How Your Hometown Affects Your Chances of Marriage, New York Times
Spending childhood nearly anywhere in blue America — especially liberal bastions like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington — makes people about 10 percentage points less likely to marry relative to the rest of the country.

6. Shared Finances Can Be A Thorny Issue If You’re Not Married, The Washington Post
[C]ouples acting under the influence of a romantic high can establish financial bonds before “they’ve developed a mutual and clear dedication to a future with each other,” Stanley said. “They are giving up options before making a choice.”

7. Improving Opportunity For Black Men: The Role Of Economics, Culture, And Policy [VIDEO], American Enterprise Institute
How can public policy and cultural attitudes help improve the prospects of black men, and what role do economic factors play?

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