Monday, November 30, 2015

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of November 22, 2015

1. In The Paid Family Leave Debate, Pro-life, Pro-family Groups’ Own Policies Are All Over The MapWashington Post
In response to the question “Do you strongly favor, favor, oppose or strongly oppose requiring companies to provide all full-time employees with paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child?” 82 percent of respondents overall strongly favor or favor the idea.

2. Divorce Rate At Lowest Level In 40 Years After Cohabitation Revolution, The Telegraph 
Jo Edwards, chair of the family law organisation Resolution, added: “The rise in cohabiting couples, the fastest growing type of household in Britain, may also play a role [in the changing divorce rates] - cohabitation separation is not included in these statistics."

3. Most Americans Think Their Own Marriage Is Better Than Others, Deseret News-BYU Survey Finds, The Deseret News National
"I think it suggests that marriage is still highly valued by Americans," said Andrew Cherlin, professor of sociology and public policy and director of the Hopkins Population Center at Johns Hopkins University. "A few decades ago, I was not sure marriage was going to remain important, but it has in a way that's somewhat surprising to the doomsayers among us."

4. Asia Struggles For A Solution To Its ‘Missing Women’ Problem, Wall Street Journal
If the masculine sex ratios remain as high, in China, there would be as many as 186 single men for every 100 single women hoping to marry by midcentury, according to Dr. Guilmoto, since unmarried men from one year join the next year’s group seeking wives.

5. Millennials Delay Marriage In Order To Form A More Perfect Union, Poll Suggest, The Guardian 
“Marriage is almost like the last thing you do. It’s the last box you tick, rather than a way of getting to some of the other boxes,” Reeves said.

6.  A Pro-Family Child Tax Credit for the U.S., Family Studies
First, a reformed child tax credit (CTC) should be pro-marriage. . .Second, the reform should be pro-work. . . Lastly, CTC reform should contribute to family stability by consolidating the current array of benefits.

7. Teens’ Attitudes Toward Marriage Vary Widely Across Oklahoma, Family Studies
Overall, each group seemed to take the notion of marriage seriously, and they had by and large given the topic a great deal of thought.

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