Monday, October 19, 2015

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of October 11, 2015

1. A Performance Review May Be Good for Your Marriage, The Wall Street Journal
By taking time to regularly evaluate and review their relationship together, partners can recognize what is and isn’t working—and identify goals for improvement—long before problems become entrenched and irresolvable.

2. Performance Reviews For Marriages: Corporate, Desperate And Depressing, The Globe and Mail
“No one should feel like they’re under evaluation like they might with a boss. This is a very collaborative, equal back and forth,” Toronto psychologist Sara Dimerman said in an interview.

3. 40% Of Couples Spend $10,000 Or Less On Their Weddings, USA Today
How to throw a wedding on a small budget: Slash the guest list. . . Skip the wedding planner. . .  Rethink timing. . . Only serve beer and wine. . . Buy wholesale.

4. Help! My Parents Are Millennials, TIME
It surveyed 2,700 U.S. mothers ages 18 to 44 and found that nearly 80% of millennial moms said it’s important to be “the perfect mom,” compared with about 70% of moms in Generation X. . .

5. David Ribar on Marriage and Child Wellbeing, Institute for Family Studies
We know that the average well-being outcomes for children raised by both of their biological parents are better than the average outcomes for children raised in other arrangements. However, we don’t know exactly why this is.

6. Social Inequality Matters As Much As — Or More Than — Economic Inequality, National Review
Children born into the lowest income quintile have almost exactly equal chances of arriving in any of the five income quintiles as adults. There is only one catch: Their parents must be and stay married.

7. Strong Families, Prosperous States: Do Healthy Families Affect The Wealth Of States?, American Enterprise Institute
Join AEI for the release of “Strong Families, Prosperous States,” a new report that addresses this gap by documenting the links between families and the economic welfare of states from across the country.

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