Monday, December 30, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of December 22, 2013

1. Holiday Gifting Can Be Vexing For Kids Of Divorce, The Washington Post
And if a child gets a long-wanted treasure, don’t put limits on it, “such as ‘I gave you this gift so you can only use it at my house.’ Children value peace over presents and they don’t care about which parent gives them the most or the biggest gifts,” he said.

2. Uncomfortable Truths about Family Breakdown, The National Review Online
As Schulz points out, that uncomfortable truth is not controversial among social scientists. It is affirmed by undoubted liberals such as Harvard’s David Ellwood and Christopher Jencks.

3. 7 Ways Your Father Affected Your Career, Forbes
Are you confident expressing your opinion, particularly when it’s different from those of your boss or peers? That may depend on whether your father encouraged you to express yourself growing up.

4. The 'Right School'? No, Parents Staying Together Is The Best Way To Help Children, The Guardian
Because the more stable a home life children have, the better they will be able to concentrate at school, the better behaved they will be in school, and the better grades they will have on leaving school.

5. Childless In Suburbia: N.J.'s Young Couples Putting Off Marriage, Kids, The Star-Ledger
The average age of a New Jersey mother when her first child is born has grown by nearly five years since 1970, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and now stands at more than 27 years old, among the highest in the nation.

6. Growing Old Together, WebMD
Invest time and energy into physical affection and having sex: Without this aspect of your relationship, you can still be quite emotionally close. However, your relationship will be more platonic than romantic.

7. Don't Forget About Dads, Family Studies
Dads are as important in the life of a child as moms, and moms will struggle to flourish without good dads at their sides.

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