Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, November 24, 2013

1. This Is the Age You’ll Get Married Based on Where You Live, TIME
The folks at Priceonomics have designed a handy map, using data pulled from the U.N., that shows the average age at which people get married in countries all over the world.

2. Marriage Drives Women To Drink, Study Says, CBSNews
Previous studies have consistently shown that married people drink less than single people, with the anti-drinking association stronger in married men than women.

3. The Links Between Education, Marriage and Parenting, PewResearchCenter
Among parents who live with a child under the age of 18, 89% of college graduates are married, compared with 64% of parents with less than a high school degree and 70% of those with just a high school degree.

4. Harvard Study: Love Can Buy You Money, FatherhoodChannel
Harvard study found men with the warmest relationships earned $141,000 more than others during their peak salary years.

5. The Slow Death of 'Traditional' Families in America, The Atlantic
Gay marriage laws have happily extended legal rights to same-sex couples, but over the last half century, a less auspicious family development has been the rise of single moms and dads and the decline of two-parent households, particularly among lower-income and less-educated families.

6. Less Marriage Means Less Homeownership, Forbes
At the same time, the ownership rare among married couples is 81 percent; among non-marrieds it is 51 percent.

7. The Changing American Family, New York Times
At the same time, the old-fashioned family plan of stably married parents residing with their children remains a source of considerable power in America — but one that is increasingly seen as out of reach to all but the educated elite.

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