Monday, December 9, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, December 1, 2013

1. A Call for a New Conversation on Marriage, Institute for American Values
The current question is: "Should gays marry?" The new question is: "Who among us, gay or straight, wants to strengthen marriage?"

2. Why Rate Your Marriage? A Numerical Score Can Help Couples Talk About Problems, The Wall Street Journal
Couples therapists and marriage researchers, who study why some marriages last while others crumble, believe spouses should score their marriage. 

3. About Three in Four Parents Living with Children are Married, Census Bureau Reports, US Census Bureau
Most children under 18 (64 percent) live with married parents.

4. Autumn Statement 2013: Marriage Tax Break 'Will Help Poorest Families’, The Telegraph
More than four million married couples will be given tax breaks worth up to £200 a year in an attempt to help some of the “poorest working families”.

5. Oklahoma’s Marriage Initiative Working To Lower Divorce Rate (VIDEO), NewsChannel4
Our mission is to provide free of charge marriage and relationship education services to both couples and individuals all along the life cycle to increase relationship competency.

6. Cohabiting Couples Will Account for Half of All Family Breakdown in 2013, Marriage Foundation
If you're living together as unmarried parents, you're four times more likely to split up than married parents. . . that's why this research finds that on fifth of couples who cohabit account for one half of all family breakdown. 

7. An Interview on Fatherhood, Work-Family Balance, and What Makes a Good Dad, Fathers, Work, and Family
The data shows that fathers today work as much as they ever did before in the workplace. However they’re spending three times as much time with their children as fathers a generation ago and twice as much time on housework

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