Monday, June 17, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of June 9, 2013

1. Parental Relationships and Obesity in Children, The British Psychological Society
[W]hile children in a traditional two-parent married household have a 17 per cent obesity rate, this climbs to 31 per cent for young people living with cohabiting parents.

2. Unequal, Unfair, and Unhappy: The 3 Biggest Myths About Marriage Today, The Atlantic
Most husbands and wives make about equal total contributions to the paid and unpaid work needed to sustain a family, judge their marriages to be fair, and are happily married.

3. A Million Children Grow Up Without Fathers, Report Warn, The Independent
Since 1996, the number of people cohabiting has doubled to nearly six million, but cohabiting parents are three times more likely to separate by the time a child is five than married couples. 

4. Paper: Trends in Cohabitation, 1987-2010, National Council on Family Relations
The percentage of women ages 19-44 who have ever cohabited has increased by 82% over the past 23 years. In 1987, one-third of women had ever cohabited, and in 2009-2010, three-fifths (60%) had ever cohabited.

5. The Gay People Against Gay Marriage, BBC
But while favourable rulings will spark celebrations among pro-marriage supporters across the US, some gay men and women will instead see it as a victory for a patriarchal institution that bears no historical relevance to them.

6. The Sheer Complexity of Love, Positive Psychology News Daily
Fredrickson separates love as a frequent passing experience from commitment, truth, and trust. Commitment she sees as a special bond, an outcome of love. Love is fleeting, but on the upside, love is forever renewable.

7. Unmarried, With Children, Arizona Daily Sun
"Women and men who have children outside of marriage are younger on average, have less education, and have lower income than married parents," according to researchers at the U.S. Census.

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