Monday, June 24, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of June 16, 2013

1. The New American Father, Pew Research: Social and Demographic Trends
A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that Americans expect dad to be more of a moral teacher and emotional comforter than a breadwinner or disciplinarian.

2. Parents and Children, Maybe I Do: Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness
“Security is the one thing (children) need and if there is that security of the parental relationship, that’s about the best gift those kids can be given,” he said.

3. Daddy’s Home, Slate
By contrast, men who don’t live with their children, either because they never married the mother in the first place, or got divorced, often don’t look much different than childless men. Three findings illustrate the point:. . .

4. The Distinct, Positive Impact of a Good Dad, The Atlantic
But there are at least four ways, spelled out in my new book, Gender and Parenthood: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives (co-edited with Kathleen Kovner Kline), that today's dads tend to make distinctive contributions to their children's lives. . . 

5. Marriage Rate May Be Low, But More Weddings Predicted, USA Today
Cultural changes about whether and when to marry, the fact that two-thirds of first marriages are preceded by cohabitation and the recession's financial fallout — including unemployment and underemployment — fueled the wedding decline.

6. Five-Year Study Documents The Positive Impact Of Relationship And Marriage Education Programs In California, YahooNews
[Outcome 1 of 5] Both men and women reported positive impacts from RME attendance, with nearly three-quarters (74%) of participants experiencing increases in problem-solving abilities.

7. Marriage, the Job: The Hard Work in ‘Before Midnight,’ Amour’ and Other Films and Shows, The New York Times
Ben Affleck caught some flak earlier this year when, in the course of his Oscar-night thank-yous, in front of a billion of his closest friends, he referred to his marriage to Jennifer Garner as “work.” 

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