Monday, January 27, 2014

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of January 19, 2014

1. Does Marriage Make Sense For Millennials?, Forbes
A scant 30% claim that a successful marriage is an important achievement for them, well behind priorities such as having a high-earning career or being a good parent.

2. Millennials Talk Marriage: For Richer And For Poorer, The Guardian
To find out how millennials really feel about marriage, we turned to Guardian readers and asked: is marriage dead, or is this all about money? Sifting through responses from all over the world, we discovered that marriage isn’t as unpopular among millennials as one would think. 

3. Love and Work on a Timetable, The Wall Street Journal
Some couples respond by making career tradeoffs right away. Others avoid committing to a relationship at all. Ms. Fayal and Mr. Blake chose a third way.

4. Three Policies to Close the Class Divide in Family Formation, The Brookings Institution 
For unmarried women under 30, 70% of pregnancies are unintended. And unintended pregnancy is most common among those with the least advantage.

5. Study: Conservative Protestants’ Divorce Rates Spread To Their Red State Neighbors, The Washington Post
“What I can see in this study is the obvious shortcomings of a culture of ‘romantic individualism,’ one that’s toxic to marriage, rather than a warning to wait until you’re ‘older’ to marry.”

6. Daddy Track: The Case for Paternity Leave, The Atlantic
Paternity leave is a chance to intervene at what one study called “a crucial time of renegotiation”: those early, sleep-deprived weeks of diaper changes and midnight feedings, during which couples fall into patterns that turn out to be surprisingly permanent.

7. Colorado Initiative Would Mandate Pre-wedding Education, The Washington Post
A proposed initiative that could land a spot on the Colorado ballot would require couples who want to get married to go through 10 hours of pre-wedding marriage education.

For more, see Can You Learn To Wed? Law Proposed For Pre-marriage Classes (VIDEO), Today Show [Note: Start at 9:10]

For more, see here

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