Monday, August 12, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of August 4, 2013

1. What are the Secrets to a Happy Life?, University of California, Berkeley
In short, it was a history of warm intimate relationships—and the ability to foster them in maturity—that predicted flourishing in all aspects of these men’s lives.

2. Mom Wants You Married? So Does the State, The New York Times
But in South Korea, fretful about plummeting birthrates but still tied to conservative ideas about matchmaking, solving the difficulties of the lovelorn has become something of a national priority.

3. Slicing ‘Breadwinner Moms’ Headlines, Charlotte Observer
Or, how different the reaction if the pitch had been that 25 percent of households with children under 18 are supported by a single mother. . . Especially considering that in these single-mother homes, the median income is $23,000 and that 44 percent are never-married moms.

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4. Marriage and Minorities, The New York Times
“Unmarried couples in which the father has been incarcerated are 37 percent less likely to be married one year after the child’s birth than similar couples in which the father has never been incarcerated.”

5. Most in U.S. Want Marriage, but Its Importance Has Dropped, Gallup Economy
Although most Americans are married or would like to get married, less than two-thirds consider it very or somewhat important for a couple to marry if the two want to spend the rest of their lives together or when they want to have a child together. 

6. One in Three U. S. Youths Report Being Victims of Dating Violence, Science Daily
"Both boys and girls who engaged in high rates of bullying toward other students at the start of the study were seven times more likely to report being physically violent in dating relationships four years later."

Korea’s government-funded dating
7. Hiller Law Discusses Marriage Boosters with Good Morning America,
Korea’s government-funded dating
Korea’s government-funded dating
Korea’s government-funded dating
Korea’s government-funded dating
“We want marriages to last. I encourage all couples to create agreements that include a plan to learn and maintain relationship skills,” said Hiller. “I am delighted when clients call and tell me the postnuptial agreement we created saved their marriage. . ."

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