Friday, May 31, 2013

The M.Guy Tweet, Week of May 19, 2013

1. Small Acts, Big Love, The Wall Street Journal
"It's not just making people feel good," says Harry T. Reis, a University of Rochester professor of psychology. "It's a way of communicating to the other person that you understand what they are all about and that you appreciate and care for them."

2. The Connection Between Unemployment and Unmarried Parents, The Atlantic
From 57 percent unmarried among those who didn't finish high school to just nine percent among those who have graduated college.

3. Recession Dragged Down Birth Rates for Less-educated Women, Los Angeles Times
Between 2008 and 2011, birthrates fell 13% among women who hadn’t finished high school – nearly twice as much as for women who had earned bachelor’s degrees or more, Pew found.

4. How to Tell if a Couple Will Get Divorced, The Australian News
[T]hey noticed that there were four behaviours in particular that could predict which couples would divorce down the line. With 93 per cent accuracy. . . Contempt. . . Criticism. . . Defensiveness. . . and Stonewalling. . .

5. The Feminist, Pro-Father, and Pro-Child Case against No-Fault Divorce, The Witherspoon Institute
Yet twenty-seven years later, even Friedan admitted, “I think we made a mistake with no fault divorce,” recognizing that no-fault divorce had led to “unintended consequences” that adversely affected women.

6. Study Proves Impact of Prayer on Relationships, Charisma News
Praying for a romantic partner or close friend can lead to more cooperative and forgiving behavior toward the partner, according to a new study co-authored by a Florida State University (FSU) researcher.

7. Keynote Presentation 3, The International Commission on Couple and Family Relations
Carolyn and Phil Cowan will describe an approach to strengthening couple and parent-child relationships by working with parents as couples.

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